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Art with Douglas Matthews

Douglas is a professional artist.  He runs three art classes for us.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are informal classes where members work on their own projects.  Douglas provides guidance to all alongside the occasional demonstration.  This class embraces all media and as you will be working on your individual projects any level of experience can be accommodated.

The Thursday evening class enables you to create your own models using self drying clay.  Beginners and students of other media are welcome.

Artisan Breadmaking with Susan Stark

Susan is keen to introduce as many people as possible to the delights of baking your own bread.  This new class is aimed at extending your repertoire to include artisan loaves and enriched doughs.  It is suitable for returners and those with some bread making experience.  Ingredients are supplied at a small cost.

You are asked to bring along a clean apron, and to wear sensible shoes (you will be spending time on your feet kneading).  Please remove jewellery as well.

“Susan is a wonderful teacher, very inspiring.  We tackled a really wide range of breads.  I thoroughly enjoyed both the beginners and advanced courses”.  Julia Howe

Community Choir with Sandra Miller

Singing is good for your health and wellbeing.

No experience is necessary and you do not need to be able to read music.  All you need is your voice and enthusiasm.  You will sing some songs, meet new people and feel all the better for it.

Fishing Skills and Fly-Tying with Sandy McIntosh

Sandy is a local ghillie so he is well qualified to teach the intricacies of fly-tying whilst imparting expert advice on where to find the fish, locating their depth, choosing the right fly and casting lures.  The class meets in Sandy’s fishing hut at Kinkell Bidge on Wednesday evening.

Floral Decorations with Anne Buchan

Anne is a member of the Auchterarder Flower Club and is very experienced in demonstrating and teaching floral arranging.  In this class you will create your own autumn floral designs to bring colours to your home  No previous experience is necessary. 

You will be required to provide minimal foliage and flowers each week.  Basic floral foam and other materials will be available at a small cost.

Full details will be sent out at the beginning of September. 

Have your Say with Anne Nicol

This is a new course aimed at improving your communication skills.  Leran to speak effectively at meetings, give a talk to a group and contribute to a discussion or debate.  You can expect to do lots of talking and should bring a notebook with you.

Scottish Country Dancing with Jane Rattray

Jane runs a very friendly, informal class where the emphasis is on fun.  This is an excellent way of getting some exercise for both the body and the brain as you try to memorise the dance sequences called by Jane.  Beginners are very welcome and will find that they quickly pick up the moves.

 “This class proves you can have fun while you learn and gives you lots of exercise into the bargain. You don’t have to be expert to join this class and you smile while you learn. “   Malcolm Gillies class member.

Tai Chi with Iain Naylor

Iain Naylor has been practicing Tai chi since 1980.  He is the founder of “The Hands of Light School of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Tai Chi is a sequence of postures that have been developed into ‘forms’ over many years.  Since 2005 Iain has trained at Wadang Mountain in China, the birthplace of tai chi and his emphasis is now on teaching these styles.  Tai chi is good for the joints and muscles.  The exercises are so gentle that it is difficult to harm yourself doing them.  Forms of tai chi have been deliberately designed to gently stretch and tone the muscles and to improve all over flexibility.

Upcycling and Recycling with Linda Gardner

In the past Linda has run Knitting classes and we have also run Creative Stitching classes.  This class brings the two together to use your stash.  You will learn pattern design, mixing media and innovative ways to make new from old.  This is a fun and relaxed class.

Upholstery with Bob Farmer

Bring along a small/medium piece of furniture and Bob will help you to re-upholster it.  The class is held in the metalwork room at the school.  You can access the classroom directly from the carpark via the ramp or steps, so you do not have to carry your furniture through the school.  Bob will contact any applicants before the start of term to discuss what you need to bring along on the first night.

Yoga with Anyta Lodge

Anyta is an experieced tutor and has been running yoga classes for the Associattion over a number of years.  Yoga can help reduce stress, tone and strengthen your body and improve your health and well-being.

You should wear comfortable clothing and take a mat and blanket to the class.



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